General Contracting/CM at Risk

Fitzpatrick & Associates serves as both construction manager and general contractor utilizing both its own skilled tradesmen and various subcontractors. We approach the project as a partner with the design team and owner.

Pre-Construction Services

Fitzpatrick provides project estimating and a reliable, timely cost models drawn from vast experience in the field. The ability to analyze life cycle costs for building system alternatives, and developing a complete team schedule showing who and what goes where and when. Fitzpatrick & Associates aims to control cost, schedule and owner objectives to mitigate potential owner risk.

Construction Management

Using a partnering approach, Fitzpatrick & Associates assists owners in selecting experienced, qualified firms with proven performance records for the construction team. Working together from project’s inception, the construction management team can quickly identify and resolve potential project challenges. This service is managed by and accountable to a small staff of professionals, providing great efficiencies, construction and design fee savings, control of quality and scheduling, and fiduciary responsibilities for the Owner.


Utilizing design-build provides single-source responsibility and the potential for rapid completion. Integrated design, construction planning and an accelerated schedule are hallmarks of this approach. Fitzpatrick & Associates fosters open communication and teamwork that is a necessary condition for successful design-build.

LEED/Green Construction

“Green” is in these days, but we have a long history of working with owners and architects to implement green and sustainable projects. For these and other projects, we offer various green/sustainable construction services.  Fitzpatrick & Associates does not follow LEED certification requirements for the sake of a press release. To us, “environmental responsibility” means taking initiative. This means rethinking every aspect of our business, from auditing our use of office supplies to rethinking how we dispose of construction waste. We have seen first-hand the environmental benefit of using recycled or regionally produced materials. That is why we have programs in place to maximize the use of these products on all of our projects.